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                      BBC英语 最新内容

                      [BBC纪录片]中国故事The Story of China 2016

                      [BBC纪录片]中国故事The Story of China 2016

                      图文2016-08-17 15:11:17

                      BBC最新上映关于中国系列纪录片,由Michael Wood执导,英国历史学家Michael Wood走访名城古都,探索了具有5000多年历史文传承超级大国的起源与发展。...



                      图文2015-09-23 13:18:11


                      Bomb Attacks in London 亲历伦敦爆炸?#24405;?/h3>2007-04-26 13:34:49

                       &raquo; Download AudioBomb Attacks in London亲历伦敦爆炸?#24405;he bomb attacks in London on Wednesday which killed dozens and wounded hundre...

                      Environment Protection in US 美国的环保问题

                      2007-04-26 13:34:02

                       &raquo; Download AudioEnvironment Protection in US美国的环保问题While the G8 summit was underway, and once the news of Wednesday's London...

                      G8 Summit and Scotland 八国峰会对苏格兰的影响

                      2007-04-26 13:32:54

                       &raquo; Download AudioG8 Summit and Scotland八国峰会对苏格兰的影响First to Scotland, which is now getting back to normal after the meeting...

                      True Africa, Part 2 真实的非洲(二)

                      2007-04-26 13:32:07

                       &raquo; Download AudioTrue Africa, Part 2真实的非洲(二)The perception that Africa is beset with problems may in itself hinder its developmen...

                      True Africa, Part 1 真实的非洲(一)

                      2007-04-26 13:31:15

                       &raquo; Download AudioTrue Africa, Part 1真实的非洲(一)The remark "the only good news story is a bad news story" is sometimes quoted by cyni...

                      NATO's Presence in Afghanistan 北约在阿富汗的存在力量

                      2007-04-26 13:27:48

                       &raquo; Download AudioNATO's Presence in Afghanistan北约在阿富汗的存在力量 The General leaned forward and peered out of the cockpit of hi...

                      Aid for Africa 援助非洲

                      2007-04-26 12:09:40

                       &raquo; Download AudioAid for Africa援助非洲The momentum is building ahead of next month's G8 summit in Scotland where the leaders of the...

                      Former Presidents in Africa 非洲卸任总统之活动

                      2007-04-26 12:08:30

                       &raquo; Download AudioFormer Presidents in Africa非洲卸任总统之活动There's been much talk recently among leaders of western governments (...

                      Norforce in Australia 澳大利亚护林武装组织

                      2007-04-26 12:06:32

                       &raquo; Download AudioNorforce in Australia澳大利亚护林武装组织Australia's armed forces are scattered far and wide across the world -- fr...


                      2007-04-26 12:04:50

                       &raquo; Download AudioDemonstrations in Bolivia玻利维亚罢工大游行In Bolivia, life is slowly returning to normal after almost a month of de...

                      以色列准备撤离加沙 (2)

                      2007-04-26 12:03:04

                       &raquo; Download AudioWithdrawal from Gaza (Part B)以色列准备撤离加沙 (2)Since the Israeli army captured Gaza nearly forty years ago -- ...

                      以色列准备撤离加沙 (1)

                      2007-04-26 12:01:23

                       &raquo; Download AudioWithdrawal from Gaza (Part A)以色列准备撤离加沙 (1)In two months time Israel is to withdraw from the Gaza Strip. T...

                      宗教信仰在密西西比州的影响 (2)

                      2007-04-26 11:59:56

                       &raquo; Download AudioReligious Belief in Mississippi (Part B)宗教信仰在密西西比州的影响 (2)I came to Mississippi assuming -- in a Europ...

                      宗教信仰在密西西比州的影响 (1)

                      2007-04-26 11:58:38

                       &raquo; Download AudioReligious Belief in Mississippi (Part A)宗教信仰在密西西比州的影响 (1)In the United States, the 16th annual Bible ...


                      2007-04-26 11:56:36

                       &raquo; Download AudioHonour Killings in Palestine (Part B)巴勒斯坦荣誉处决案件(2)According to the Governor here's what happened next:F...


                      2007-04-26 11:44:40

                       &raquo; Download AudioHonour Killings in Palestine (Part A)巴勒斯坦荣誉处决案件(1)There's growing concern among Palestinian human right...


                      2007-04-26 11:35:30

                       &raquo; Download AudioVoice Recognition Becomes More Intelligent语音识别系统智能化程度更高These days searching for a number in a five cent...


                      2007-04-26 11:21:30

                       &raquo; Download AudioAmazon Rainforest 30 Years on亚马逊雨林30年记It's happened to all of us. You return to a beloved location -- and it...